Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall have the duties and responsibilities to:
  1. Initiate educational and academic policies of the University.
  2. Adopt rules to effectuate the educational and academic policies of the University.
  3. Bring up for consideration proposals on matters pertaining to the general welfare of the University.
  4. Make recommendations to the Administration relative to buildings, budget priorities, and new proposals and developments.
  5. Act upon all matters of routine faculty business in pursuance of already established University policies.
  6. Elect members to the Equal Opportunity Hearing Panel.

New from Senate

  • Faculty Senate Meeting December 7, 2022 - Meeting materials and Join Zoom information will be posted prior to the meeting.

Faculty Senate Officers 2022-23

Anup Kumar, Ph.D.

School of Communication
College of Education and Public Affairs


Vice President:

Mekki Bayachou, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences
Email:  M.BAYACHOU@mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站OHIO.EDU



Dana J. Hubbard, Ph.D.

Department of Criminology & Sociology
College of Education and Public Affairs 
Email:  D.J.HUBBARD@mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站OHIO.EDU


Faculty Senate Office
Jane McCrone, Administrative Assistant
BH 320 
Email: J.MCCRONE@mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站OHIO.EDU