大学监察员的正式职责是公正地保护mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站全体成员的利益和权利, 值得信赖的监督冲突解决程序的人,并确保冲突各方的正当程序. The ombudsperson strives to achieve informal resolutions of disputes; provides informal, confidential mediation; advises complainants of their rights; identifies the correct bodies to which petitions and requests should be addressed; helps complainants prepare supporting paperwork in clear and concise form; and offers an avenue through which persons with grievances can express their concerns and develop a constructive perspective on their situation.

监察员的一个主要目标是提供可靠的服务, 全面的信息来源有关大学的规则和程序在各级,以确保机构的所有成员都有充分的知识, and access to, 所有适当的冲突解决程序. 达成非正式决议在很大程度上取决于帮助争端者认识到影响其情况的各种因素,并了解他们可以采取的备选办法.

监察员严格保密与该职务有关的一切互动. 纠纷当事方得到保证,向监察员披露的一切信息都是保密的,他们对与监察员分享的信息以及监察员代表他们采取的行动保留控制权. Neither party is obligated to accept either in full or in part the recommendations of the ombudsperson; the parties always retain the right to pursue other options.

The ombudsperson's purpose is to protect the rights of the individuals on both sides of the conflict and help them acquire the full benefit of due process; it is not the purpose of the office to initiate actions to achieve institutional ends. 监察员努力为所有各方维持公平和正当程序的气氛,并促进有利于学习的环境, 合理的话语, 以及双方都能接受的冲突解决方案.


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